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Mar. 8th, 2010


(no subject)

Omg I never update! Well I had a good weekendish time. Sort of.

I promised I'd go back to Jtown on the next two consecutive days I had off. Our schedule at work is weird and runs Fri to Thurs. I walked in Thursday to see on the schedule that I had Fri and Sat off. Ehhhhh... I was not even ready for that, but whatever. I make the calls I need to then Im off work at three and back on the road by 4 to make it to my parents house by 9 pm. Basically just hung out with Tiff and picked on the dog. Tried to visit Sarah but she was MIA.

Friday it started to get interesting. Our 2 year contract with Verizon was up and we were eligable for new phones. We went to the Verizon store in Somerset, it was just an easier place to meet Pappy there and head back their house for dinner. Unfortunately what I didn't know was that it was a Freedom Wireless that was authorized to sell Verizon. There was only one woman working, it wasnt her fault but the store was clearly understaffed, at first we were the only ones there but that quickly changed as about 5-6 other customers rolled in plus her friends who she would stop helping customers so she could gab to them and ask them to go get her Starbucks. Both Tiffany and I were considering buying Droid phones. She pulled out the Droid and Eris for us to look at. I asked her about the buy one get one promo that Verizon is constantly screaming about all over. She said that it was for new lines ONLY. That didn't feel right. I texted Max about it, he said they couldn't do it because it wasn't a corporate store. I confronted her about it. I didn't want to get ripped off. She swore (literally) up and down that corporate wasn't doing that promotion any more and it was ONLY new lines. She repeated it over and over and pulled up some web site to try and prove it. I believed her and said fine, I just wanted to get it over with and didn't want to drag my Grandpa all over the place over it. We both decided on the Eris and paid 200 up front with a 100 rebate, coming to 100 for each phone in the end. It took forever but she finally finalized things and got us our phones. After that we headed back to dinner with Gran. Ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, apple sauce and deviled eggs. It was delish. As we are messing with our new phones, Tiff realizes that her phone has contacts and a call log from December. Thats bs. We try calling the store back a couple of times with no answer. We decided to stop there on the way home. The same woman was still there, she switched Tiffany's phone for a "new" one. We went back to our parents and later on I realized my phone had a call log from Nov and Dec...

The next day I went shopping with Mom at the mall. Our mall happens to have a corporate Verizon store as well as a Freedom. We stopped in the corporate to buy some cases and screen protectors and I inquired about the rules for the bogo Eris deal. The woman that rang us up told us it also applied to people renewing their 2 year plan! I was pretty pissed.

I made sure I clearly understood the bogo deal and ran down to the Freedom which is like one store away from the corp store. I went through the whole story with the rude woman there. Told her my phone had a call log but at that point I was really worked up and upset and I couldnt even pull up my call log. I asked her to do it. She pulled it up and rattled off two peopled I'd called that day and said she didn't see anything else. WTF. So then I took it back and brought up the call log with the calls from Nov/Dec. She got all snooty and told me that the Freedom wireless stores didn't even have the Eris until January. COME ON. What the hell does that change? She lied to my face about the call log. I was so done with her. I told her I was going to go get my sister's phone and we were returning them and going to the corp store. At that point the only thing she offered was to switch my phone for one that they confirmed was new. No deal. Come on, its a 100 dollar difference when I was lied to, paid an extra hundred dollars and got 2 USED PHONES. Completely unacceptable!!! Her last attempt was to insist that the bogo would only work on the primary line on the family plan and after we returned the phones the corp store wouldn't give us the bogo and we'd be stuck buying expensive ones there. After all that she still insisted that corp would not give us the bogo. She said it over and over and over. Headed back to the corp store where I talked with a very professional guy about making sure we were elligable and everything before returning the phones. While we were there he needed to get my grandpa on the phone to make sure everything was okay, while he had him on the phone we authorized my name on the account to make changes and do anything I needed to without calling my grandpa back everytime I went into a store for something. Good. We grabbed my sisters phone and headed back to Freedom where the woman was still insisting that corp would just screw us over. But she took back the phones. And she made me call my Grandpa again... I think she was just being difficult, she said i was authorized on the account! Does that not mean anything? Whats the point of being authorized if she still makes me call him. Whatever, got him on the phone and finalized returns.

Headed back to the corp store where I found the guy that helped us previously and had phones in our hands within ten miinutes with the bogo promotion. No problem what so ever. 300 up front and 100 dollars in the end for BOTH. Saving me 100 dollars and getting new phones, it was worth the trouble, but I should never have had to deal with that in the first place.

Something else that pissed me off is the original woman I dealt with didn't get us to sign the phones up with our gmail accounts to save our contacts and all that... so we had to reenter everything after I already had the first one set up. And I learned that Freedom is allowed to sell used phones if they are returned within a certain amount of days with under a certain amount of minutes on them.. but its policy that they have to tell you the phone isnt brand new. Corporate apparently is not allowed to pull that bs.

I'm so disappointed by that whole experience. Freedom is so skeezy and dealing with them is a terrible idea. They lied to my face how many times? uhhghghgh.

I left to come home pretty much right after that. Finally our new GM started at work. Steve is serious business and doing a great job so far. Yesterday was good, it felt like we are really getting back on track and Sian had off so I didn't have to deal with her. Sian was there today... she just brings everyone down. She frustrates the piss out of me. She was snapping at us and acting ridiculous. Oh Sian is it really that terrible that you actually do your job?

Jul. 22nd, 2009


Please read.

Here is a sad story. I work at a Marriott if you don't already know. Some sort of situation happened where a family lost their home and came to stay at the hotel for several weeks and eventually stopped paying us and got evicted from the hotel. They had a dog and two cats. They left the two cats. I've found a home for one of them, and I'm currently fostering this guy. If you think you could take him I would really appreciate it as he will be going off to the shelter soon if we cant find a place for him. He is very very friendly, has been around dogs and children, declawed and fixed. He loves attention. Any time I go in the room he is shooting at me right away for some love. He's a black and white short hair kitty. Please let me know. I'll have pics soon.

Jun. 19th, 2009


(no subject)

Jun. 16th, 2009


(no subject)

I've decided to open up commissions for badges!

all real media

Normal badge 20 dollars, laminated. Like this:

And the little cutout badges 10 to 15 depending on complexity. Laminated as well.

Send me a message, comment or hit me up on aim, GDFERRET. Hurry up! I'll only be taking them until this weekend.

Jun. 15th, 2009


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Jun. 12th, 2009


(no subject)

Bawwwwhh. Oh god I can't have a good time and stay up tonight because I have a job, sooo terrible to be an adult and take resposibilty for my own things :(

Actually it does suck because Marriott decided to DOCK EVERYONES PAY 5%. WTF IS UP WITH THAT. Here guys, keep up the good work, we'll just pay you less because of economic times! It's funny that our hotel has been booked solid the past two weeks, we've had weddings and groups every weekend for the past two months, we are really hurting fffffff. yeah okay.

In other news I went to the hospital yesterday and now I'm off the blood thinners! Now I can drink and take advil and all that stuff.

AC is coming up so fast! ROUX IS ROOMING WITH US OMG.

I've decided to be antisocial, there is some kind of gathering here tonight but I think I'll lock myself in here and dick around on the internet. It feels like I have to put forth such an effort to be social at these sorts of things :l

Jenni is back so we go to Ray Ass for Mexican food. Then Dairy Queen. I'm addicted to freezes again D<

New aim again

Tanya Rawpaw

May. 11th, 2009


(no subject)

So we didn't go outside at all, we just sat around and watched some Office and THE ROOM. What an awesome movie. Left and went back to my parents and picked up some potatoes for my dad to smash. We had steak dinner. Then I went with Tiff and Matt to see Star Trek. It was okay. After that we hung out in Walmart and got Mothers Day presents, went back to the house and WoWed. Sunday I just sat around while my Dad put new brakes on the Jeep. Then we went to the mall for free VS panties and I made Tiffany buy me an expensive pizza pretzel. Then I pretty much just came home.

Today I am 24. For the past year or so I have trouble remembering how old I am, lol. Probably cause it doesnt really matter ffff.

Apr. 20th, 2009


(no subject)

Had a good weekend. Went to Lupine's on Friday night. Saturday we met up with Kris and some of his friends at Dave and Busters. It's an interesting place. Not too bad for pricing until you start drinking. Then it's horrifying. One of the game machines was broke and just kept unloading all its tickets continously, so we ended up with a bunch of prizes lolol. Then everyone left and we wandered around on South St. Found a suit coat and pants. Wtf. Sunday we pretty much just Wowed all day long. Hit 67 lol.

Found some good loot at work today including a box of Jelly Bellies, tins of Altoids and a bag of sweet and spicy pecans. MMmm I love it when they leave treats. Ohhh and Lindor Balls. :D

I wanted to make constuction paper cut out badges but this pack of paper doesnt have brown... or gray :l

Apr. 14th, 2009


(no subject)

Usually on overcast days like today when I have off from work and nothing better to do I end up watching weird old amimated movies on Youtube. I watched Light Years yesterday... wtf is that all about. Then Barefoot Gen today. I'd like suggestions on more.

Also got the whole upstairs cleaned in the past two days and rearranged the living room. Looks good i think :D

Jun. 22nd, 2006


(no subject)

bill says sry2uguyzzzzz friends only suckers.


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